Excellent demo quality recording for small projects, original songs, local commercials, books on tape, etc. For example, listen to my original songs recorded.

Recording sound is a lifetime process, like studying voice. After 10 years of this new recording hobby, I can say I love it as much as singing and always learning every day. I consider myself a beginner. I love to work with singers and songwriters. Recording great vocals is my main interest. I use several recording and mastering software platforms and microphones.

For high quality, state of the art recording, there are many professional recording studios all over the United States and and Europe that I can recommend with excellent quality and professional, kind service.

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"Lovin You Baby"(C)(P) Copyright 2008 Written, Performed, Recorded/Produced by Donna Marie Albano Harrington. All Rights Reserved.

“I Will Love You Forever” (C)(P) Copyright 1999 Written and Performed, by Donna Marie Albano Harrington. All Rights Reserved. Recorded in Nashville, TN 2002