Donna Marie Albano Harrington

Donna Marie Albano Harrington is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, singing many styles of music and writing love, ocean, and spiritual songs. Growing up in North America on the ocean was the greatest inspiration for singing and songwriting starting in childhood. Born Donna Marie Albano in Boston Massachusetts, her second last name, Harrington was added with her mothers second marriage at age six. With family coming to the United States from Ireland, as well as North America, and Canada (French, Canadian, and Algonquin Indian) on her mother’s side, and Italy on her father's side, both sides of her family came from a long line of singers, writers, stringed instrument players, artists, and overall major music lovers.

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Written in Ireland by the Chief Ollam of Ireland (Ollam means "poet") whose name is Eochaid Mac Colla, known as Saint Dallan Forgaill, C. 530 – 598 AD, 6th Century (501 to 600 AD). The original Old Irish text, “Rop tú mo Baile,” known as “Be Thou My Vision,” was part of Irish monastic tradition for centuries. Over 1300 years later, Mary E Byrne made a translation of the “Rop tú mo Baile” in the journal at the School of Irish Learning in 1905 and the English text was first versified by Eleanor Hull in 1912. Also, there is the music itself. There is an ancient Irish song named “Slane” which is about the Hill of Slane in Ireland (St Patrick), and “Be Thou My Vision” was set to this old Irish ¾ time folk tune. Dallan also wrote the Amra Choluim Chille and numerous poems, eulogies, etc… There is much history on Dallan, also known as “the blind one” who, it is said, started to go blind from his dedicated work. If you look at the lyrics, this is a beautiful prayer of great depth, of a man asking God to “be his vision.” Dallan was born approximately 97 years after Saint Patrick lit the Easter fire on Slane Hill in Ireland in 433 AD according to tradition and Christianity flourished in Ireland. Saint Patrick wrote The Deer’s Cry, or The Lorica of Saint Patrick, also known as Saint Patrick’s Breastplate, a prayer he used for divine protection.

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